An Unexplained Act…

Unexplained …The man’s breathing had grown labored.
That was to be expected, and so it was.
The man of five foot six had grown
larger than life – accomplished
in what he set out to do.

Just like a real man is supposed to.

The man had grown – had labored
into that accomplishment as well.
That was to be. Expected. And so it was.
As expected, the boy of five foot nine,
unaccomplished in life, was left to fend for himself.

Just like a real man would do.

The man had labored -but not grown
larger than the sickness.The x-rayed shadows
proving that an MRI never lies-
but hard to misinterpret
when La Brea tar pits live in your lungs.

What would a real man do ?

The boy labored – still in the dark.
Counting seconds between morphine shallowed breaths.
When the last one came, he sprung into action.
Grabbed the camera for Dads death.

It’s what the real man would have him do.

All the boy knew to do.
Like was expected.
And he lit a cigarette.
Just like a real man would do.


Originally published in Guerilla Pamphlets #10