Ode To A Mentor

Code-words and handshakes
for a secret society.
Masons not so free
sit Indian styled
around campfires
of worship singing Kumbayah.

Bring a moving target,
a sacrificial lamb to
prove our God-ness.
Circle jerks and sucking
literary cock may be justified.
Learning, is not if it forms the wrong opinion.

However, knowledge and talent
exemplary, and obvious, is so worthy
of being shared amongst friends.
After the vote is taken, recounts will be
handled by the public with numbers stacked.

After a time, being spoiled by elitism,
with a borrowed wolf’s clothing cause,
wisdom is limited to the chosen.
Passed to them no matter who else seeks.
Who picks the chosen ?
The dead ?

May I come to the next seance ?
or must you pray to them on my behalf
like an elder or a priest ?
Divine intervention and book deals
if I serve your master as it was written
by someone far greater ?

I forgot I should live for your approval.
I do choose not to fill out an application
for an exclusive club I’ve already paid my dues for

You say you had a mentor,
so tell me how to make the grade.
I am curious, what were your requirements
for them before you allowed them
the privilege of sharpening your tools?

Not all get a do over,
a chance to live so miserably
we take ourselves out of the game
until someone sets us free.
Then they make the rules
determining if you get a say so.
Vomiting ink is only a symptom.

Suddenly you get
so fucking wise you act stupid
show true psychosis
by saying everyone else
is simply faking crazy.

Let us all read that gospel again.
And again, and one day
Im sure we will know what
a genius you are.

We can be ungrateful through
spell checked words
then say otherwise,
while misspelling them
the way we want.
Grammar check
then do the opposite
because we have earned that right .

We can be unique, be a rebel
ride our woes outside the lines
because outside the rules
is the number one rule-
but is that what is written ?
Let me check the notes.

Alienation past the point
everyone is watching
may not be such a good thing.
After too long you get left with
the same full circle crowds waiting
to see what happens next.

Vague mythic references
to modern American heroes in
today’s roman coliseum is
where words become hollow
though the art might be good.
Remember there are reasons some
get no acclaim until after they die.

Choose words wisely or choose
from someone else s history.
Someone YOU like and everyone should.
Forget a wise woman with a name
like a cat once said,
“Words are not owned by poets.
Words are for everyone.”***

A lofty titled mentor
with a shallow grave soul
and tunnel-vision
replays the shock value
“Look at me, I am the
Howard Fucking Stern
of poetry.”

Does that approach age slower
than a true world view?
It does seem to
attract the same flies
you find so contemptible
around others who are
learning to give a shit.
Acting as if – not only acting like.
Creating too big a target to miss

I love it here where I can say
whatever I want because
you will never read it
My membership card
may come in the mail
before you get bored,
run out of things to read,
or just happen along, waiting
and hungry for a new lamb
to Kumbayah, my lord.

footnote***(Puma Perl -Americans Who Speak In Lies)