Politically Correct

You are beautiful.


You set standards.

No one is sure why. 

Not anymore.

Rumor has it darkness is

Making You Great Again. 

Erasing history and progress.

There is work to be done.

Society needs reform.

The poisoners need less regulation.  

More profit. 

Bend close to the breaking point. 

Trial run everything.

Float balloons.

Stealth your Colonialism. 

It IS history after all.

Maintain your persona. 

At all times.


Because your way works so well. 



Lie about the lies.

Act confused- or naive.

Self righteous – or entitled.
Whatever works. 
Count the money.
Split it with the other one percent. (Disable recording of drone footage from the places with brown people, strange names with varying numbers of consonants or a religion Jesus didn’t vet.)

It’s all Monopoly anyway.

You think it’s 3D chess. 

Still you play checkers.

You NEED to be made great.

Not again. 

Indigenous and those forced to build your 

wealth and privilege NEED restoration. 



Humans give that.

Countries, kings or corporations…?

Same old gold, reputation and standing.

Convert the world to your way.

It works so well, a lying,  

puppet- clown is needed to repair the damage.

To sell a different snake oil.

So,  What is really broken?