Your Imaginary Savior

Imaginary Savior

In your eyes I wish I wasn’t so unremarkable.

Imaginary Savior.

In the Comfortable facade you have wrapped me in,
MY wings have been stripped, tattered feathers.

On a cross you sacrifice me and LOVE.
On a mountain far away from Calvary.
Though it feels like I hide in Suburbia.

On the ground below me no frankincense.
Just the myrrh – myrrh of my own voice trailing to the abyss.


A Quiet Night.

A Quiet Night


















A Quiet Night…

Beyond the daggers of sheets

a rib-cage of serpent dwelling will fall.

The breath of thighs will cross stitch

faster than a factory of sewing machine gunners.

Gristle will sweat from bones

splitting envelopes into quakes of sucking.

Hackneyed lips will rest along ridges of musk

as lonely beliefs crumble.

Copyright © James Cornish.