Barbed Words

Barbed words frame mixed messages delivered from the ones charged to protect us.

Those we love.

Barbed words from ones who should protect us fall with a thud.

They always have.

They always will.

The thud is the sound of belief.

The sound of Hope.

Comes crashing down.

And I meet it there on the floor.


4/4 Time

It’s 4/4 time,

Test results are in

and the musicians

Cannot decide

which organ to play first.

Which one to repair, tune,

and return closer to

Symphonic days gone by.

The tunnel,

Only makes white noise.


Halloween Fireworks

On the beach

Eating shitty


Italian food


Made by Latinos

Watching Halloween


Listening to kareoke

Elvis Costello


How apropos.

My how life has changed….

Now I am really scared.


Penance Tattoo

Penance Tattoo
The story was that as she came out of the twilight, heart seemingly back to its metronome synchronicity, she felt led to just give in. Enjoy the ride. 

The meerkat, an angel of sorts shook his head lightly. She knew it was not her time. Yet. 

A Mom tribute tattoo…