Broadsides Redux Project-This Is A Test

This is a test of your emergency long lasting net worth.

For the next thirty days or so, your loyalty will be questioned.
Your honesty and integrity will be examined,
and all the kindness, generosity, compassion and romance
you have offered will be reviewed for
sincerity and trustworthiness.

An inspection will be done,and recommendations made related to
your security provision potential,and ability to provide.
Morals and values will be screened as well as an evaluation of
fatherhood worthiness and parental qualification as
dictated by an invisible standard, and the Deadbeat Dad scale.

This is a test-only a test. In the event of a real emergency,
possession of a penis gives you the right to remain silent.
You would be given instructions on how to proceed, as you are
abandoned and left for dead.

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“A broadside is literally a sheet of paper with a printed message on the front side. In olden days a “broadside”
meant a barrage of cannonfire launched by one ship against another.

A broadside could also be a political statement or opinion on a sheet printed to be nailed up in the village square
or distributed among the citizenry. To “fire off” or “let loose” a broadside might also mean to write a strongly worded
opinion-piece (nowadays a blog perhaps) to the editor of a daily newspaper.

Though its origins may be military and political, the broadside  is almost always a poem, often signed by the poet.
It may have an illustration or design, with, in many cases, the artist’s or printer’s signature as well.
The design may be the work of a famous printer or artist, and can be a work of art in itself whether or not
it is illustrated…”

“They are not only attractive to look at—many of them are also quite collectible.
They may not be books, but they are the work of authors who do write books, and, as
separately printed texts they are also “first editions,” just like books: any bibliography
will list them as separate works of an author. They may be a good way to get a signature of an admired
or collected writer. Most importantly, they are suitable for framing. Once framed they can make even better
gifts than books. They can be seen as an artifact halfway between a book and an artwork, and, in fact,
can be more than a little of both.

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”Even if you do not particularly enjoy or read poetry, you may be struck by how attractive, even impressive,
many of them can be. We have several on our wall here at home, and would have more if we had more room for them.
(via Bert Babcock Books )”

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